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Past Posts

See you in 2015!

Folks, it's busy around here! I have a ton of lovely content just about ready to share with you... but I'm going to wait until January when I can do it right. Need to get some life stuff squared away first. And some more sleep.

Have a safe, wonderful, fun, relaxing holiday!

9 TOTALLY Fun Comics You Should Read!

There are certain comics I turn to for sheer entertainment. Antics, hijinks, wisecracks, and impossible events? Yep! Ridiculous over-the-top plots? Absolutely! And sometimes that's just perfect.

So here they are!

(If you need to get caught up, here are all of my comics recommendation posts: all-ages comics for both kids and adults, or for grownup comics see these posts: zombie comics, comics about magic, post-apocalyptic comics, comics about race and social justice, monster comics, comics about conspiracies, history and mythology comics, science fiction comics, crime comics, GLBTQ comics, comics about growing up, and war comics. This post uses Amazon affiliate links - but check your local library too!)

Mystery Society, written by Steve Niles with art by Fiona Staples. Letters by Robbie Robbins, Chris Mowry, and Shawn Lee.

Nick and Anastasia Mystery are a glamorous celebrity adventurer couple who investigate paranormal secrets. Nick is currently in jail. Doesn't seem to bother him much. You see, Nick was caught sneaking into Area 51 to investigate a secret military project. Which he found. Which really pissed off the folks running it. It was tough to stay two steps ahead even with this kind of help.

With Nick in the clink, it's up to Anastasia, the girls (Sally and Nina), an undead crimefighter, and a robot with Jules Verne's brain to get him out and save the day. And find Edgar Allen Poe's stolen skull. Because that's the kind of thing they do.

Continue reading 9 TOTALLY Fun Comics You Should Read!.

Shh! We Have a Plan by Chris Haughton (you know what they say about plans)

Candlewick Press publishes so many of our favorite kids books, and they were kind enough to send over Shh! We Have a Plan by Chris Haughton.

You know that saying "no plan survives contact with the enemy?" That's this book in a nutshell, and it's really funny!

The text is super simple, so even the littlest kids will be able to follow along. My seven year old cracked up as each plan fell apart, and I was entertained too once I saw each questionable scheme being set up by the three big people.

There's a little one behind them. He's the team member who always pipes up with an idea, but gets shushed, even though maybe someone should listen to what they have to say before it's too late... it's a dynamic all grownups are familiar with from either work, family, or life!

Continue reading Shh! We Have a Plan by Chris Haughton (you know what they say about plans).

4 Children's Books About Fairies That Adults Can Love Too

Fairies are possibly the most underrepresented imaginary population in quality children's picture books. I don't understand why. My son has always loved fairies, so it's taken extensive digging in the Austin Public Library catalog to create even this short list. But without further ado, here are the children's fairy books that have warmed my heart, through their charm and craft, as well as delighted Boy Detective.

If you have any suggestions for more, please leave them in the comments! Especially if you know of any that feature more diverse casts!

(If you need to get caught up, here are all my children's picture book posts: friendship, dogs, pirates, bedtime, awesome girls, robots, magic, gardens, cats, superheroes, love and marriage, knights, family, animals, science fiction, food and cooking, art and creativity, dinosaurs, princesses, pets, dragons, spooky and monster books, nature, awesome boys, and kids' poetry books. WHEW, that's a lot of books! You can also check out Good Comics For Kids (Even Little Ones!). This post uses affiliate links, but check your local library too.)

April and Esme: Tooth Fairies by Bob Graham. This book is so dang sweet. April is a seven year old tooth fairy who wants to get her first tooth without any grownup help. Mom and Dad finally agree, so April and her little sister Esme set off on this nighttime mission with utmost seriousness. This really captures fairy magic and family love, in a restrained and lovely way.

Continue reading 4 Children's Books About Fairies That Adults Can Love Too.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Geek Girls (Or Guys!)

I started to write this as a personal wishlist post... and then I realized that just about everything I want might be great for lots of other geek girls - and guys as well! So we'll call it a gift guide, and clearly I am helping with your holiday shopping for the geeky people in your life.

Even if that person is you!

Jordandené is one of my new favorite geeky small businesses, with shirts, aprons, kid clothes, and other accessories. If I had my pick, it would be this Harry Potter quote tank.

I love Boutique Academia too, and I especially love their Molecule Necklaces. They're just so dang pretty!

Continue reading Holiday Gift Ideas for Geek Girls (Or Guys!).

15 Books Comics Fans Will Love

15 books comic fans will love

Greetings Planet Jinxatron readers! I am Brenda from Daily Mayo, and I am so happy to be writing here today!

Comics and books are closely linked - yet for some reason, many comic lovers remain reading comics and many book lovers remain reading books. I am currently on a quest to read more comic series, which is why I was so excited to do this post exchange with Skye!

She is writing about comics you should read if you like certain genres of books, and I am writing about books you should read if you like certain comics. Read both posts for some great comic and book recommendations!

If you like V for Vendetta...

V for Vendetta is all about government conspiracies, dystopian-like worlds, and terrorism for good. If you like this comic, you will probably like other stories about conspiracies, the hidden darkness of people, and dystopian nuclear fallout universes. You may like to read:

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

It doesn't get much starker than this novel from Cormac McCarthy. In The Road, a man and his son travel through the complete desolate wasteland that occurs after nuclear war. In this universe, nothing can grow and everyone is slowly dying.

Continue reading 15 Books Comics Fans Will Love.

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